Flight Attendant School Intersky Study is a training school for Indonesian Flight Attendant and Airline Staffs, and Flight Attendant School Intersky Study is the first and the biggest Flight Attendant and Airline Management Training in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Indonesia.

Being Flight Attendant is a dream for many people. Traveling abroad, staying at luxurious hotels, and having good income are what many young people want when they have their career at airlines.

To get this, the candidates should work hard in their study, have good knowledge, skill, attitudes and good performance in order to be professional in their carrier. Therefore Intersky Provides them with characters building and other courses which are useful to take them to be qualified professional airliners.

The Instructor of courses are from airlines, hotels and other professionals such as Personality Development Expert, English instructor and other foreign language instructors
  1. The Program consist of theory and practice which are conducted in the classroom and industry. Theory consist of 40% and the practice is 60%.
  2. In conducting the practice or on the job training, the students are sent to airline company for three till six months.

With the program courses they got, the graduates of Flight Attendant School and airline staff are hope to be Professional in their jobs, have good hospitality and could develop the company’s brand image.

They are also hoped to be qualified and professional in serving the customers and could adjust in whatever situation they face and.
They are also hoped to be qualified and professional in serving the customers and could adjust in whatever situation they face and.

They are wide range career opportunities for graduates of INTERSKY. The Careers are among others

  1. Flight Attendant
  2. Ticketing and Reservation Staff at Airlines
  3. Ticketing and Reservation Staff at Travel Agents
  4. Ticketing and Reservation Staff at Hotels
  5. Customer Service Staff at Airline Offices
  6. Customer Service Staff at Airport
  7. Customer Service Staff at Travel Agents

Intersky Study doesn’t only provide the training for the candidates but also facilitates them to contacts the airline company for candidates’ recruitment. The Partners of the domestic airlines are Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Air Asia, Batavia Air, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Pelita Air Sevice, and Sriwijaya Air.

To Conduct Recruitment, Intersky Contacts the airlines whether there is recruitment for Flight Attendant or airline Staffs.

If There is recruitment, Airline Company will conduct recruitment, selection and interview at Intersky’s Office, or Intersky sends the candidate to the towns/cities in Indonesia where the company airline have representatives. If candidate are successful, the candidate sign a contract with airline company.

For further information, please contact our Customer Service at :

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