Welcome to the Intersky Study Flight Attendant Class.

The following Intersky Study Graduates are employed as International Flight Attendants:

  1. Christa Ajeng - Saudi Airlines
  2. Juliana - Saudi Airlines
  3. Noor Erikawaty - Garuda Indonesia
  4. Karina - Garuda Indonesia
  5. Putri - Garuda Indonesia
  6. Sarah Febriani - Garuda Indonesia
  7. SY Nadhilla - Garuda Indonesia
  8. Ruri K - Garuda Indonesia
  9. Irma Novianty - Lion Air
  10. Reni Fitriani - Lion Air
  11. Siti Fatimah - Lion Air
  12. Henny Purwaningsih - Lion Air
  13. Charryl MR Sumanty - Lion Air
  14. Kartini - Lion Air
  15. Lin Yuniaty - Lion Air
  16. Andreina Grifi M - Lion Air
  17. Candrina Fercilia - Lion Air
  18. Dwi PErtiwi Wulandari - Lion Air
  19. Dwina Zwageri K - Lion Air
  20. Novita Putri Yanti - Lion Air
  21. Tetty Tri H - Lion Air
  22. Astrid Intan L - Lion Air
  23. Lie Delvina M - Lion Air

The Flight Attendant option are designed to introduce you to the role of the flight attendant for both international and domestic flights. We take you through the application process, the interview and selection criteria and into the training programme itself. We will show you how to prepare an aircraft cabin for embarking and disembarking passengers, cabin crew standard emergency procedures and equipment, and the passenger inflight safety demonstration. Presentations will be given by professional flight attendants and airline personnel.

Please phone Vina on 0852 4756 8888 or 0542 440942 for further details.


Siswi Pramugari

Airline Management Student

Kegiatan Siswi

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