Intersky Study is Kalimantan's leading Flight Attendant and Airline Management School. Each year students graduate from our courses ... and turn their career goals into reality.

Intersky Study approach is the way to learn. We offer:

* A professional and trustworthy college

* Friendly and supportive staff

* Practical and relevant training

* Outstanding academic results

* Free job placement service (On The Job Training)

Our airline management train you with ARGA and Galileo international computerised reservations systems. This is the only one cumputer reservation system at Kalimantan.

Our tutors have extensive industry experience, relevant qualifications and use innovative and interactive teaching methods and accelerated learning techniques. You will learn in a friendly and supportive team environment with your tutor helping you every step of the way.

Good value You gain your qualifications more quickly so you can start your new career in less time. Training is intensive and focused and always supported by personal attention from your tutor.

Your new friends When you study at Intersky Study, the world gets smaller - and your circle of friends gets larger. You can meet people from around the region ... or the other side of the Indonesia.

.. And finally We are different. Our style is personal and friendly, and we aim to get to know you, to support you and to help you succeed. So invest in your own future ... take the first step ... and enrol with Intersky today.

Please contact Vina on 0852 4756 8888 or 0542 440942. If you would like to find out the availability and special industry rates for any of our training facilities.


Siswi Pramugari

Airline Management Student

Kegiatan Siswi

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